Affordable Gifts and toys for 2 year old boys

2 year old is the age when a neonate is turning into a toddler and is now able to perceive, think and form a witty picture of around him and can classify the look alike items contemporary in vicinity.

Since all these changes that are betiding and can be descried in the toddler’s behaviour, a mother should present him with the toys that ineluctably helps in his social cognitive and physical development. 

Top toys for 2 year old boys

For all new mothers out there we have a list of several toys for 2 year old boys so that they can skip the fuss and look forward to the chrysalis of your beloved toddler. 

After comparing different products we picked 5 best toys for your toddlers

Top 10 toys for 2 year old boysWhy mommies love it Why kids loves it Price Mommy’s Rating 
Little tikes 2 in 1 food truck Interactive toy, durable, convenient, no choking hazard.20+ food accessories,  realistic features $79.98★★★★★
Power wheels ford lil F-150 3.5mph, easy to operate, ideal for rough surface and grass.  Realistic features, cool sounds and gadgets $189.99★★★★★
Smart novelty tool setFun and safe learning experience, durable, easy to carry around. 25 tools, working table with realistic sounds$21.99★★★★
Fisher price think and learn Tech n tag movi works as a bff for child, sturdy yet long lasting, improves critical thinking, 60+  facial expressions, lights, sounds, and 360 rotation$48.99★★★★★
4 in 1 baby rocking horse slide setEasy installation, lasts forever, organized and easy to store. Slide, rocking horse, shooting, ferrule$64.99★★★★★

Best gifts for 2 year old boys

A son is a universe for his mother and a mommy wants to give the best to her son and young children rule the hearts of their parents. After reviewing some top amusing toys for 2 year old boys we will take a look at a few more options available at the extensive world of internet for your toddlers to consider as a present. 

Let’s take a look at the toys you can buy for your little fussball.

Little tikes 2 in 1 food truck

Little tikes 2 in 1 food truck Gift set

The toddlers who loves to cook and eat, this toy truck is a tremendous gift for them. This truck is made of plastic which makes it a safe and comfortable play zone. It has over 20 food accessories which makes it a child’s favorite game. 

The feasible yet realistic features that include chalkboard menu, cash register, makes it ebullience to play with. This toy truck can also be an interactive toy between a mother and a child. Easily accessible for $79.99. 

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe and amusing
  • Worth the price paid
  • Improves a child’s social skills

Why Mommy Should Leave

Space consuming 

Power wheels ford lil F-150 

Power wheels ford lil F-150 gift set

Little kids love to be treated like adults so for a cool toddler who loves to be appreciated for his innocent stunts nothing can be better than this awesome battery powered car that comes with wide wheels to make is almost impossible to topple down. Super safe grip and it is ideal for rough surface as well as soft grass which means no chance of slipping. 

 Let’s consider some pro’s and con’s of this prodigious toy for 2 year olds boys available in stores for $189.99.

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Extra wide tires
  • Ideal for rough surface and grass
  • Durable and safe to play 
  • Cool sounds and realistic appearance

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • Battery is not Long lasting
  • Low quality controls

Smart novelty tool set

Smart novelty tool set toys set

The most appealing for toddlers is to be a fixer or a builder and that is the reason why kids are often caught while to joining and connecting small pieces of almost everything. If you are looking for something to improve these building instincts of your child then look no further than this spectacular tool kit. 

This mind-blowing tool kit consists of 25 tools that comes in amusing bus shape tool box that can be turned into a work table when entailed. All the tools can be magnificently organized into a tool box. You can easily purchase this happy package for your toddler for $21.99.

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Inexpensive
  • Choking free play time
  • Amusing yet interactive
  • Compact design
  • Great gift for every occasion

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • Low quality
  • Needs to be assembled every time before playing

Fisher price think and learn Tech n Tag movi

Fisher price think and learn Tech n Tag movi Gift

In a world overpowered by technology and gadgets a robot never goes out of style. Considering the chronic age and cognitive state of a toddler fisher price think and learn tech n tag movi is the best toy for 2 year old boy who is on the initial stages of learning. 

This robot comes with 3 mirthful yet witty ways to keep your child engaged with his electronic best friend. This gleeful toy encourages and improves critical thinking skills it is available at online stores for $49.99.

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Easy to use
  • 60+ expressions
  • No need of parental monitoring

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • Need a lot of space
  • Battery don’t last longer than 7 hours

4 in 1 baby rocking horse slide set

4 in 1 baby rocking horse slide gift set

Ladies being a new mom are you are looking for a rocking horse, a slide, a basketball stand and a ferrule? Well I guess we got your back and you landed at the right place. As the name indicates it is a toy set for toddlers who have absolutely no idea about what they want. 

You can cherish your young one by presenting him with one of these multipurpose toy set that can be turned into a slide or a rocking horse, a basketball stand or a ferrule according to the demand of a toddler. This versatile and whimsical toy set can be purchased for  $64.99 from any online store. 

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Easy installation
  • No chance of boredom
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Safe and comfortable play time

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • Can be used until your child reach 3

VTech smart wheel spinning spiral set

VTech smart wheel spinning spiral toy set

It allows a child to build creative tracts for their little cars (included in the package). This toy set consists of 6 smart point locations and little cars. This toy set also works great as an early learning toys for kids.

This set is meant to be a toddler’s favorite toy set as it contains bright colored cars that can be furled down the track. And during the age of learning kids also try to substitute cars with other items and you will see fruit loops or marbles sliding down the track and flying across the room. 

Let’s take a look at the bright and dark side of this toy set. 

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Worth the price paid 
  • Definitely makes your toddler’s day
  • Kids will learn patterns
  • Kids will learn some letters and animals.

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • The parts can be detached easily

Why kids love it?

  • Bright colors
  • Great sounds

If your child loves colors or cars or both you can surely give it a try. 

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Drum toy set

As far as toddlers perception is concerned, the louder the toy is the better it serves them. Kids love sounds and they love to make thunderous sounds so is your lad loves lights and sounds? And are you looking for some fun learning toys? 

Then VTech kidibeats is all you need this drum set allows toddlers to play music in 9 melodies which includes rock, pop and fun music to dance it also allows your child to learn letters numbers this exuberant toy st can be purchased online for $19.96 and can be delivered at your doorstep. 

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Choking free
  • Parental control automatic shut off 
  • Volume control allows less noise
  • Makes Learning fun

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • Annoying additional sounds.

Why kids love it?

  • It has led lights
  • It has bright colors
  • It is clamorous
  • Drumsticks can be chewed

Since kids love to chew their toys and taste everything in their way and that is the safe part that allows kids to play without choking. 

fisher price color scanning chameleon

fisher price color scanning chameleon Gift

Toddlers normally become insanely happy and get thrilled when it comes to colors and during this age  they struggle to learn and distinguish colors which makes fisher price color scanning chameleon a best toy for 2 year old boys. 

This toy set consist of a chameleon and 10 paint splats to take learning at a whole new fun level. 

This toy set allows toddlers to learn colors and numbers at the same time. You can get yours now for $23.99 from online stores.

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • No noise
  • Safe to play
  • No need for parental monitoring
  • Educational toy

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • It’s not durable
  • Good for few months

Why kids love it?

  • It has colors
  • It makes learning fun

If u want your kid to learn then you should purchase it right now and let us know about your experience with this cool robotic trainer. 

monilon aqua magic doodle mat

monilon aqua magic doodle mat gift set

Doodles drawing  painting and writing serves as an aspiration for almost each and every toddler. Nowadays shavers have a lot of options to consider while playing. Back then (during the early 2000’s) little ones used to mess the walls and toys. Now the easy solution is monilon aqua doodle mat which allows hassle free drawing.  

In other words it is a platform for your child to be as creative as he wants to be this mat comes with pens, which contain water only. It allows your child to draw without making a mess. the doodles disappear as soon as the water dries. This creative yet beneficial mat is available for $17.99.

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Encourage a toddler to be creative 
  • Chemical free
  • Safe play 
  • Easy to organize
  • Worth the price paid

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • The mat begin to change its color after a long while
  • Hard to dry

Why kids love it?

  • It encourages free will
  • It has colors
  • No restriction to be imaginative

Every mother wants her child to excel in life and thus they wants them to be creative, imaginative and rational this toy is best in all aspects for your toddler.

XJD 2 in 1 scooter for kids

XJD 2 in 1 scooter for kids gift

A mother always wants something for her son that lasts as long as possible this stunning scooter will grow with your little baby until he is 8 years old (a pre teen) due to its spectacular and matchless  features including adjustable handle with non slip grip, removable seat, LED lights and brakes to insure safety and protection of your child. 

This scooter can be a great gift for birthdays and Christmas it can be purchased for $52.99 and there is a high probability that it will be your child’s new favorite toy.

Why Mommy Should Buy

  • Safety guaranteed
  • Durable
  • Multifunctional
  • Extra wide foot deck for stability

Why Mommy Should Leave

  • Needs to be oiled after very few uses 

Why kids love it?

  • It has led lights 
  • Encourages outdoor activities
  • Interactive toy

Boys who love outdoor activities can have fun with this scooter. They can also socialize with there age fellows. It is an inexpensive investment that lasts several years.

Frequently Ask Question’s

How the toys are ranked?

Toys in this article are ranked according to the toddler’s interests and there parent’s concerns as the title of the article indicates “toys for 2 year old boys” 2 year is the age when many boys are struggling and craving to learn and develop social and cognitive skills. These toys help them to grow and develop new skills.

How to engage my child in outdoor activities?

Many children are introverts rather than extroverts you can choose a camp like “ Kiddie Play Fire Truck” available online for $25.39 to respect the difference of your son’s personality. Still if you want to turn him into an extrovert anyway try to engage him in outdoor interactive activities.

Is my son ready for books?

At the age of 2 your son barely utter a proper word but it is the right time to encourage him you can gift him learning toys to build his vocabulary and learn phonetics to encourage his reading instincts.

Final Words

Today kids are growing faster than anything. There growing needs cause mothers to be up to mark. Since toys proves to be the closest friends for toddler, and toys influence their personalities as well that is why mothers have to set  benchmark according to there shaver’s personality and the way they want them to excel in life. It is so hard for a mother to analyze and select the best toy for their young ones we are here with a list of the best toys available in the extensive world of internet. 

This list has been prepared after several hours of hard work. Every mother wants to give her child with best toy which can be his favorite minion till next birthday or Christmas. You can easily pick either of these toys or related toys according to your toddler’s aptitude.